Sunday, April 15, 2007

Where's Brooke?...

Has anybody seen her recently? Does anybody know where she is? (Seems to be the question of the day.)

Is she lurking? (Nope... stalked the corners, done the sneak-attack-thing of opening all doors suddenly. No Brooke behind them.)

Is she cohabitating under the bed with the DustBunnies? (Ha! That's not possible...she'd have sneezed her head off within three minutes!)

Well, what about relaxing on vacation on a desert isle? How's that sound? (Nice...but negatory.)

Hmmm...maybe she's moving! (Uh... nope... not yet. Still sorting through junk. Who knew one moderately sane woman could have so much stuff...)

Maybe the contest entries crushed her... (Wrong! Perhaps the mail carrier felt the strain, but not Brooke...she's tougher than that! Hopefully...)

Okay...she's probably at work, right? (Alas... the ol' job has been occupying a unfair number of hours these days, but that's not the only place you'll find her.)

Then, back to the original question: Where's Brooke?

Answer: She's on the hunt for another couple of hours for each day. It is anticipated that the hunt will conclude the end of May. Then... Brooke will be back. A little older. A lot more tired. And with a vengeance!