Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Wonder of Nature...

Spring has definitely sprung in SoCal! And gloriously so!

One of my very best-est friends was visiting for the day yesterday, and we spent the time driving around the community we both love (though she moved away! LOL!)

After so much devastation last fall, the rains of winter (and hydro-seeding to protect the hillsides from slides) have resulted in one of the most beautiful springs we've had in years. Masses of vibrant golden yellow wildflowers border the freeways, and acres of beautiful purple flowers dot the hillsides. Everything is green and lush again.

As we traveled, it was hard to believe that such devastating fires had ravaged the area just a few months earlier. Oh, without a doubt, there are still charred trees which won't be turning green, forever staying black, and houses that have been razed with just foundations remaining. But overall, most of nature has returned. Even better than before...

Welcome back, Spring!