Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Wonder of Nature...

Spring has definitely sprung in SoCal! And gloriously so!

One of my very best-est friends was visiting for the day yesterday, and we spent the time driving around the community we both love (though she moved away! LOL!)

After so much devastation last fall, the rains of winter (and hydro-seeding to protect the hillsides from slides) have resulted in one of the most beautiful springs we've had in years. Masses of vibrant golden yellow wildflowers border the freeways, and acres of beautiful purple flowers dot the hillsides. Everything is green and lush again.

As we traveled, it was hard to believe that such devastating fires had ravaged the area just a few months earlier. Oh, without a doubt, there are still charred trees which won't be turning green, forever staying black, and houses that have been razed with just foundations remaining. But overall, most of nature has returned. Even better than before...

Welcome back, Spring!


Yay, you blogged!!! Spring there sounds lovely, but where are the pictures. Didn't you take pix? LOL

Yes, we commenters are a nasty crowd. Never satisfied, always wanting more. ;)

Monthly visit to Brooke's blog and shock of shocks.

Pic's would be nice, include yourself, maybe way off in the distance, your back turned, and standing behind someone.

LOL... You guys crack me up!

I knew as soon as I posted this entry, that pics were gonna be requested... Unfortunately, since most of these sites are along the freeway, that is not really possible... CHP doesn't take too kindly to people stopping and photograping the landscape as cars whiz by at 70, 80, 90 mph...

Even on the frontage road side, where a few brave souls have tried, they've been chasing camera-buffs away...

So... no... no pics...

You could shoot a pic with your cell phone while only driving 69 MPH. You could put your thumb in the foreground. Then we could see what the scenery looked and part of you (thumb part)

Excuses, excuses! Are you saying your loyal blog hoppers aren't worth risking your life for.

Hmmpf! I see how it is.

Hey, did you go to a conference lately w/Randy? Or was that Elizabeth?

Hey! How did I miss a new blog entry??? Sounds like you had a great visit, which is lovely.

Nature does tend to renew and take over quite quickly, doesn't it? Of course pictures would be good to show us just how wonderfully nature has handled this catastrophe, but I suppose if you don't think we are all worth the effort...