Monday, June 09, 2008

Another Year Older...

...and hopefully another year wiser! Have to wonder about that a bit, however, since I either feel like a teenager or feel like I am 852. But I never feel the age I am.

The little girl in me still loves:

Lollipops and cotton candy. There is something so amazing about how clear and sparkly lollipops are... like glass but edible. And cotton spun fibers, a perfect pink, and it melts instantly on your tongue.

Balloons. I love balloons! All those pretty colors... all light and airy.

Coloring books and crayons and colored pens. Thankfully there is the "big girl place" to visit: the office supply store!

Flowers. All flowers.... even those now-that-I'm-older-know-what-a-pest-they-are dandelions.

Clouds and rainbows... I am just positive that the pot of gold really is at the end of the rainbow... if I could just find it.

Books... all books... fun books, work books, old books, new books, cookbooks. They are all wonderful.

Kittens and puppies... all soft and fluffy and cuddly.

Birds and butterflies... all seemingly free. Hey, they can fly!

Games... board games, card games, video games, made-up games. That thrill of competition.. sure gets the ol' blood pumping...

The Grown Up Me wishes the Little Kid Me had time to come out and play more. Maybe the Wiser Me will make that a reality in the year to come.

Happy Birthday to Me!