Friday, February 15, 2008

I've been TAGGED!...

I've been busily wracking my brain, trying to come up with a cute blog topic... or at least something that wouldn't be instant Snoozeville. And voila!!! Randy courtesy of Carol have provided me with a subject! Thank you, Gals!!!

So, here we go! Now, you'll have to bear with me, I am discovering that I am actually quite un-savvy about all this blog stuff that involves linking etc. But I shall do my best to comply with "rules" to best of my ability...

Here's the way it works if I've tagged you:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you. (This is where I'll have a problem...)
2. Post these rules on your blog. (Easy-peasy! Done!)
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself. (Easy-sans-peasy... cuz we all know I am the leading candidate for most boring person in the world...)
4. Tag six random people at the end of your blog entry. (Not easy at all... cuz sadly... being the master at lurking, I don't know that many bloggers! EEEEKKKK!!!! Something to change!)
5. Let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs. (See above!)

Note: Just in case you were unsure, which I'm sure you weren't, but just in case... the parts in parenthesis are my sassy comments and NOT part of the "official rules"...

Now... Six Unimportant Things About Me:

1. I would LOVE to visit Iceland.

2. While I have to kinda admit they are pretty cute from afar, mice freak me out. If I ever had a mouse in the house, I'd have to leave the premises until he moved out... (and yes... there are NO she-mice... who knows where all those babies come from... but all mice are he's...)

3. I love a good lightning storm when I am not at home. I always hope when I'm traveling, that we'll have one. One of the most memorable was in Dallas in the 38th Floor lounge of the Adam's Mark a few years back that Randy and I watched. Lightning storms in SoCal do little for me because they are usually dry lightning and a rare occurrence and a tad too much drama when one is home alone...

4. My first car was a brand new Levi Gremlin (and yes, I was -3 years old.)

5. I was first published at the tender age of 7 in the PALO ALTO TIMES which ran 4-5 stories once a week chosen from the 26 schools in the district. I was one of the only ones from my school ever to be selected. While it's certainly tempting, I guess I can't really use my story titled MR. MILLS in my writing portfolio, can I... darn... it was such a cute story...

6. In the fifth grade, I had a bad staph infection and had to get my beautiful, waist-length hair all cut off and keep it short for years after that. That same year, I broke my finger beating a boy a tether-ball... he was so mad that he lost to a puny-girl... and a very non-athletic puny girl at that, that he slammed the ball toward my face as I was walking away, and I raised my hand to block it... breaking the ol' finger. Man, that hurt! It hurt bad, and took months to heal since it was broken in two spots. But! I beat the Boy at tether-ball... me... a puny girl... who later took up swimming only to discover that she was quite good at racing... not so non-athletic, after all! Just puny....

So...there's my six things. Now who to tag... who to tag... who to tag. Well, obviously John comes to mind even if he claims he's given up blogging! And of course FMD, who also appears to have given up blogging... And now back to wracking the old brain again for four more bloggers to tag... but at least it'll be wracking on a different subject... for now!


I have given up blogging. But, to make your quota, I'll post six boring things here.

1. Despite zone parking at work, I've parked in the exact same spot for 19 years.

2. Ester, one of my five Poms, sits on my lap when I'm surfing on the computer. When I stop surfing and start writing, she jumps off.

3. My parents didn't know I was left handed as a baby, so they taught me to use toilet paper with my right hand.

4. When entering a meeting room or theater, I sit on the left side if I can. It's an anxiety thing.

5. By careful driving, I can make the brakes on my car last for 200,000 miles.

6. When I learned to type, I sometimes confused b's for c's. I had to proof for b's before moving the paper. Fortunately, the b typed over the c corrected it. I love my current computer, which automatically turns the errant c's into a b's as necessary.

I can't send this to anyone, as the only two bloggers I read are Randy and Brooke. I am amazed how well Randy has crafted her blog for so long. She is incredible.

You're welcome, Brooke! I purposefully didn't tag you 'cuz I knew Randy would.

Lightning storms??? Like living on the edge, do you? ;)

I once shared a kitchen with a tiny field mouse. Ugh! We lived in the country and he came in from the cold and discovered an abundance of...FOOD!!! Unfortunately for him, one of us had to go and my family enjoyed eating so he lost. But the couple times I saw him scurrying about in my peripheral vision were pretty darn freaky.

And kudos to John for being supportive.

200K! Damn!!!! You are good!!! I'm very easy on brakes as well, but 80K is my max. Probably has to do with those steep grades and curving country roads I navigate day in and day out!

And John! It wasn't boring! Thank you for posting!

Now don't faint... but there could possibly be another entry going up this weekend...

Eh, eh, eh....

Now, now... Carol... don't laugh! Lightning in my neck of the woods is a pretty rare thing (not as rare as in Dublin, Ireland, however... where it NEVER thunders! But it did once when I was living was the talk for days!... but I digress...). It is always dry lightning, and manages to hit something. For some weird reason, as well, it is usually in my part of town... Also, it typically is accommpanied by freak wind storms... So the entire weather event is more nerve-wracking than exciting...

I see. Sounds a little nerve-wracking.

Okay Brooke, I've posted my stuff, and I've tagged my sister. I don't know enough other bloggers to tag anyone else!

I've also done three blog entries today - yes, count 'em, three in one day! So you've got some reading and viewing material to catch up on. *evil grin*

I can understand why lightning bothers you where you are. I love it though! As for mice, I love the little monsters, but after having one wreak havoc in my house for several weeks, I do NOT love having them indoors. It got to the point when every time I found mouse droppings I felt like I was in a horror movie. Not a lot of fun, I tell ya!

Euwwwwww!!!!! Yeah... mouse droppings do little for me as well. We had a lot of mice in one place I worked... was so not appetizing to open a draw and see them...

Fun! Off to read!!!!!!

Weekend is almost over. Hurry. Sound like a car dealer commercial.

Okay, Brooke, it's a new month. Time for another blog post.