Sunday, February 03, 2008

Follow-up: First Kiss Contest

The results are in (actually, they've been in for awhile, but I am still behind the eight ball...), and my entry placed fifth. I am just as estatic now over finalling as I was when I first found out. Congratulations to Anne Clarke for placing first, and to all the finalists. Here's the listing as shown on the New England Chapter of RWA's website (

First Place
LIMITLESS ~ Romantic Suspense
Anne Clarke

Second Place
COFFEE DATE ~ Contemporary
Joanna Timrun

Third Place
HEART FOR HIRE ~ Contemporary-Erotic
Mary Rhyan

Fourth Place
Sharon Arkell

Fifth Place
THE RESUME WRITER ~ Contemporary
Brooke Wills

Sixth Place
ANGEL BLIND ~ Young Adult
Sarah Tregay

Woo Hoo! I'm a First Kiss Contest Finalist!


Congratulations! And two blogs in the same month. Who would have thought?

Thank you!

And! LOL! Pfffft! It's still early in the month! There could be three!!!!!


Oh, heck! Shoot for a blog a week. Shock John. LOL

I've shocked myself this month - 5 blog posts already. Of course, I had some good writing news. Did Randy tell you?

OK, I'm back. Looking for number three.

Ha, and here I am, late as ever with my congrats...and YES, I told Brooke about Carol's news!! Okay, and NOW...Carol has tagged me, so I'm tagging BROOKE!! Go check out my blog for your instructions, Brooke.


Notice that I have a photo, Carol has a photo, Randy has a photo; your conclusion is...

My conclusion is... (vbg) ... Uh, I don't do pictures? Tis true... I don't do pictures!

I have a picture of you. We'd have to crop out Elizabeth and Randy. ;)

No. The only cropping is to allow Elizabeth and Randy to remain...

Either that or I'll have to kidnap your first born and use the return of the picture (with photo-card) as ransom...

Ho Hum...

Here I am, very late with my congratulations on here! Good thing we talk elsewhere so I've already congratulated you! I'm still reeling from this flurry of blog activity from you. It will be interesting to see how often you start posting from now on!