Friday, February 01, 2008

February 1, 2008

Okay... so I'm a month late... Sue me! I'm behind... What else is new?

Well, let's see... (Ha! I can change anything to my advantage!)

Each January, instead of making resolutions, I set goals. I started this a number of years, and it worked quite well for me until the last couple of years. I am hoping to get back on track this year, and so far, it is looking hopeful. Yes... I am fully aware it's still very new into the year.

And no... I am not going to tell you exactly what the goals are... Some things a girl just must keep to herself! Especially a girl who apparently loathes commitment worse than the most stalwart guy!

But I will divulge this: I make goals in each of four categories: financial, personal, career, and travel/fun.

Scorecard to date:

Financial: hmmm... have made some small baby steps here, had hoped to have a giant leap in the first month of the year. But that's okay... I fully anticipate that happening in February.

Personal: I am quite happy with the progress here. The biggest part was bringing lunch to work instead of eating out every day. My very snazzy lunch bag that I purchased a number of years ago, and has served faithfully as a bookend for my cookbook collection, is stilling wheeling from the fact that it gets to go out in public each day. It's looking forward to this weekend off!

Career: Well, of course that would be writing related! I'd hoped to write one short story a month, and I'm about 200 words shy. Easy enough to catch up on... I'd also hoped to scope out a few more contests... which I have. And I am kinda sorta starting a third wip using a new plotting method. I missed the last benchmark, but shall be able to catch up on that in a few weeks. Details probably to follow.

Travel: Well, naturally that would not happen in the first month. But on the docket so far are two conferences. Arizona's Desert Rose in April, and RWA National in San Francisco in July. Two venues I adore! Two conferences I am quite excited about attending.

So... that's where we are in Y2008... which is shockingly already 1/12th over! Where does the time go?


A blog only two days ago. Dazed and confused at all the sudden activity. Not that I set a good example. So, anything written you are willing to share?

Hey... someone has to keep ya on your toes!

Seriously, I truly admire those that blog takes a lot of thought and time. I just find I really don't seem to have that much interesting to say!

But I do appreciate the continued support of those that check back regularly... just see if they will be "dazed and confused"!

I only check Randy and you now, and only once a week. Blogging has come and gone for the most part.

Sounds like your Personal goal will impact your Financial goal favorably. Smart woman!

I find that if I break my annual goals down to weekly goals I make more headway.

Good luck!