Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fashion Trends...or Flops...

Okay, it's entirely possible...though I am loathe to admit even the remotest possibility...that I could, maybe, horrors! be getting old. Or, maybe I can just attribute it all to having just had a birthday a couple of days ago.

But I just don't get the following Fashion Trends:

First: Tattoos. What is the deal with total-body tattooing? I mean, geez, if nothing else, it must hurt like the dickens. I guess since I am basically opposed to pain of any fashion, I'd find this trend hard to understand at any time. But what is the thrill or point or statement of covering one's entire body with a snake? What's Mr. Snake gonna look like in 15-20 years when gravity takes hold of him? Now, lest you think I am opposed to all tattoos, please let me assure you this is just not so. I think a small one is really cute (or masculine depending...), and have even on occasion toyed with getting one myself. But as previously mentioned, I abhor and run from pain at all times. So, I am not really seein' a tattoo in my immediate future...unless it's one of the kiddy paste-on ones...

Second: What is the deal with wearing pants that are falling down? There is just no way this can be comfortable. I mean I know I would not want to worry about suddenly doing a full monty cuz my pants headed south. Why give them any encouragement by having them halfway down to begin with? I remember when I used to have to wear panty hose everyday to work (thank goodness THOSE days are over!), and every once in a while you'd get a pair that was too short...and they kept slipping down...and you kept having to yank them up. It was NOT fun. Now...why would anyone intentionally put on pants that do this same thing...except if they fell down, there'd be a lot more exposed!

Third: What is the deal with Body Piercings? Pierced ears, even multiple holes are cool. Pierced eyebrows just look painful (we already know my feelings on that subject!). Pierced noses, tongues, lips...oh gosh, the lips are kinda the worst..., belly buttons, nipples, etc... that's just gross. Sorry, it just grosses me out. At least, gravity won't affect them. The holes, I guess for the most part, will close. But, it's just gross (get the idea: gross, gross, gross!). And anybody who thinks it's attractive just hasn't really looked in the mirror. Case in point: a person I know got a small diamond on the side of their nose. To me, it just looked like a big zit. Of course, I would never say anything--I am not fond of getting my head bitten off (or insulting a person needlessly). Every time I saw the person, I'd think at first: Ah, poor them...they have a big zit. Then after a few months, the diamond stud was gone, and when I asked it about it, she replied: Oh, my roommate asked me when I was gonna ditch it cuz it just looked like a big zit and it was disgusting. Well...see... I was not the only one.

Fourth: What is the deal with Love Handles flappin' in the wind. Yeah...what is the deal with the shorty tops and low-rider jeans that let the love handles hang out in all their glory. flash here: they aren't very glorious. Most of us have them. I guess this is the way of saying: Hey, the majority rules. But frankly, I am gonna continue to hide mine.

Of course, I can remember the fashion faux pas I've pulled off in the past. Ah, the orange fish net stockings with the adorable sunshine yellow mini-skirt that had the pumpkin orange-hippy-daisies on it. Yep...I was stylin', man! I was too cool for words...


ROTFLMAO! Oh God, I SO want to see a picture of the stockings and skirt combo! Of course, I won't go into some of the things I wore in my younger days... ahem...

I'm with you on the guys' falling-down pants, and the cropped tops with the low-slung waistbands on women who definitely do NOT have the body style for them. Honestly, less really IS more when it comes to how much skin is being shown.

The other thing that gets me is the trend with wearing clothing that's a size or two too small. The only purpose it serves is to make it look like a person's clothes are too small - which translates into looking like the person has gained weight and hasn't bothered to go buy clothes that fit...

You posted this a week ago, I'm behind. As with FMD, I would like to see a pic of the orange stockings and mini skirt. But, unlike FMD, I'm probably a DOM, so never mind.

From a guy's point of view, old guy, the tatoos (ouch), piercings (yuk) and the exposed flab (chuck), make some days better spent at home.

However, I don't think the offenders get it. Anyone who watched Britney's boobs flap around on an interview last week, shown about 600 times, has to think twice about showing themselves in that position. Instead, they seem to emulate it.

Ha! I was a kid! A mere child! Seriously... But oh, what a cool chick-kid I was in that flashy skirt and stockings...

I can remember wearing jeans that were too tight thinking they acted like a girldle and would suck it all in... But I also learned fairly quickly that they did NOT act like a girdle, they were mighty uncomfortable, and a size bigger looked better, and felt better.

Maybe I'm just a faster learner...

Oh I remember wearing those tight jeans that you had to use the hanger to zip them... I also remember when I zipped my belly into my jeans and could see my flesh between the zipper things.. I will never forget how bad that hurt. LOL

As for the nose rings ect... My daughter's friend has one on her nose, one on her lip, one between her lip and chin, and one up on her cheek. We brought her to a concert and it was a night with thunder and lightning. I made her walk ahead of me just in case she attracted the lighting. Then my nephew proceeded to tell her she looked like a trout lure... I thought I was going to die laughing but of course I couldn't.

The pants that are too low?? I can't stand them. I have seen way too much butt cleavage lately... So not attractive. And it isn't just on the boys..

And yes Brooke... That was a lovely visual with the stocking and skirt.. LOL

Tattoos.. I want one but I have been too chicken. I was thinking of getting it on my back near the pants line but I think I would have to wear the butt cleavage pants and that wouldn't be attractive. Anyhow my kids would probably drop things in there.

Trout lure!!! Oh my God, I love it! I'd have felt sorry for the girl, but I'm sure I would have wet myself laughing!

Brooke, I wish more people would figure out that tight clothes don't act as a girdle, and that clothes that actually fit look much better. Since the hot weather hit awhile back, I've been seeing some pretty frightening outfits, and far too many flashes of bits of bodies bulging out where they shouldn't be.

Mammakim, I also want to get a tattoo. I actually have a couple of designs in mind, but so far I've been too chicken to get them done. I'm afraid that I'll end up with a tattoo artist who isn't very good, and I won't be happy with the results. I'm not fussy about the pain, either, but I can put up with that - it's just the results that I'd have to live with for the rest of my life that I'm worried about!