Monday, July 16, 2007

Ain't Called Gators for Nothin'!...

Just returned from the annual RWA Conference held in Dallas this year. It appears my inquisitive tasting-new-foods nature comes out in full force when visiting this beautiful city.

Last time, at the Dallas conference in Y2004, I tried escargot (AKA: snails...) The sauce was good... the snails themselves... they were okay especially the first two. The third one was gritty... yum, yum...(picture scrunched up face here...) I think three escargot are probably enough for me.

This time a group of us boarded DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) and went to the West End. Walked a couple of blocks and arrived at Gators. They serve all kinds of food--burgers, sandwiches, Tex-Mex, pasta. And... alligator. So, an appetizer of deep-fried gator was ordered. Now, I won't lie to you... it did not taste like chicken. Nor like calamari. It was good... had a fairly tender texture, not too chewy, rather tasteless actually. But the coating was delicious as was the sauce! And no gritty experience... Had about three pieces. Think that's probably enough for me, at least for the next few years.

And that's the thing about life in general. It's made for experiencing, for tasting. Sure, not all of it is gonna appeal or be up for a second go-around. Do I think my life was enriched by eating three snails and three bits of alligator? Ha! Not likely! But will I remember it? Definitely! There is nothing like getting together with friends, old and new, and chewing the fat... or in this case the alligator. This first night in Dallas, spent at Gators, set the tone for a wonderful conference to come.

Oh, and the Fajitas I had for dinner... were some of the best I've ever eaten...


Hi, Brooke!

I'm glad you tried the alligator. Who knows, you might use it in a book some day. Next time Nat'l is in Denver, I'll introduce you to rattlesnake at a great place: The Buckhorn Exchange.

Gator's was fun, wasn't it?

Definitely was a great way to start out the conference-week!

I'm game for trying out rattlesnake...I guess.... It tastes like chicken, right?

Turning a wee bit green here...