Sunday, June 07, 2009


And nope. Hefty, hefty, hefty ain’t gonna come next. I’m talking about how we SoCal-ians deal with weather.

On Wednesday, we had “some weather”: lightning, hail, a bit of wind, a spot of rain. It lasted pretty much the entire day, but was not at all constant. It’d lightning/thunder a bit. Then just be cloudy. Hail a minute or two. Then be cloudy. Pour down rain for about two minutes. Then the sun would come out. It was a strange day, yes.

However, the weather was the only thing on the news Wednesday. Nothing in the world happened but weird weather in SoCal apparently. Yes, there were a few spot fires from the lightning. And sadly, a couple of people actually got hit by strikes and lost their lives (of course, standing outside in a lightning storm is never a smart thing…).

Thursday was back to normal weather-wise. However, again, there was no news but the big storm the day before… and the prediction of more of the same for Friday.

Friday dawned in typical June-gloom fashion… normal weather… however, the big news stories were still about the weather on Wednesday… with predictions of rain on Saturday.

You got it! No rain Saturday… it was a most lovely day. However, all the news stations ran stories about all the lost pets from the lightning on Wednesday.

I guess when one has 360 days of sunshine, moderate temps; the same thing day-in, day-out (okay… not really 360 days…) any change is a big deal. And with so much continual coverage about the “big weather”, at least the newsfolks learned that those flash-flash-boom-booms are not spelled “lightening”….


Hehehe - that gave me a good giggle! Just goes to show how important it is for everyone to have a good storm so that the weatherpeople know how to spell its various components. *giggle*

I also had to laugh about how much news coverage one day of "weather" received. It must have been a nice break from the usual drivel that passes for news, though. :)

Well, it's been five days now since the "big event"... and guess what! Today they still had a story on it! And they haven't stopped predicting rain and thunderstorms... uh... even though the skies are totally clear! Guess these things just happen by magic!

Yep - someone's got a magic storm wand! Happy Birthday, by the way - glad the weather is nice for it!