Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tuesday: Take Two!

Yesterday was one of those days where I should not have bothered to go to work. I knew from the second I stepped into my office and peeked over my computer monitor that I was in big trouble. There were no less than eight pieces of paper strewn across the desktop…the same desktop that I had so painstakingly cleared off the night before…

Oh well, I say to myself in a cheerful, positive manner…they can probably all be dispatched in a lickety-split type of fashion… Eh, eh, eh…six of the eight snicker back…”that’s what you think, ol’ girl!” And so the day began!

I started out with four things on the “To Do” list that I really wanted to get done. By 9AM, the list had grown to seven…with none crossed off. By 10AM, we were up to nine…and still none crossed off. If that phone rings one more time…I let my threat dangle in the air. BRRR---ringgggg! it goes, knowing that dangling threats are idle ones… Time: 10:01 Items added to the list: two more…

Then I ticked off a co-worker. I asked her if she were still going on her maternity beginning the date we’d discussed. And I asked her if she could please give me a date when she was returning so I could make arrangements to cover her position while she was gone. I even told her I didn’t need to know until next week. Man, you’d think I’d asked for the exact minute she was gonna deliver the baby… The rest of the day, the department was in an upheaval because of this request. Silly me. Needing to plan for staff coverage…

So, there I sat at my desk at 8PM…when I had planned on being home by six, completing one of the tasks on the list. Now see…If I had stayed home all day…I would have accomplished a lot more at the office! And it would have been much more relaxed.

So, let’s just do Tuesday over. Ready? Lights! Camera! Action!! (Lead actress enters office, stage left and peers tentatively over computer monitor… What will she see?)


Come on, let's all shriek in unison: CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!!!!

CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!!! Please!!!! Where are you, Buddy? I'm right here...waitin' for ya!

Ohhhhh!!!! CALGON!!!!!!! Come back! Come back!!! (Lead actress watches sadly as Calgon rides into the sunset without her....)

Just thought I'd say, I like the way you write here.

Thank you!!!! That made my day!

Oooooooooooh, sounds like someone was having a wee bout of pregnancy hormones run amok!

You must come for a vist, Brooke. We can veg on the couch, cuddle with the dogs, and just do whatever the heck we want, and work be damned! Heck, I'll even cook! Plus, I have two lovely bottles of Arbor Mist in the fridge that are sulking because no one has opened them yet...

And while we are guzzling - er, sipping on - the Arbor Mist, we can let of steam by venting about the cretans - er, the esteemed colleagues - that we work with. ;)

Ah, so tempting... (Lead actress logs on to to begin checking possible travel methods... Computer promptly shuts down... hmmm... once again Lead actress is thwarted in her meager attempts at irresponsibility...)

Poor Brooke... LOL This was great. I worked right up until my labor pains were three minutes apart. My poor boss was just running in circles as I left to drive home. Just hope you don't have to help deliver or anything.