Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hmmm…maybe not that hungry…

I consider myself a very good cook. One of the first things I learned to make was scrambled eggs…and I can make them really, really good. Anyway you like them: hard, soft, runny, dry…I am your “man” for making great scrambled eggs. (Now omelettes are a whole other story…but we shan’t be going there at this time…)

So, about four months ago a cute tabby cat showed up in my backyard. Very scrawny, very hungry, very thirsty. I fed her some water. She lapped it up…but you could tell she was hungry.

Now, being the soft-hearted dork I am, I scrounged my refrigerator, looking for something…anything…a hungry kitty might like. Nothing…but eggs. So…I scrambled one for her. Put it on a plate…took it out…Ms. Kitty sniffed it a couple times. Tried a bite. Turned her nose up at my beautiful eggs and left the yard…never to return.

Fine. No big deal. The ants that swarmed the plate about a half hour later loved my scrambled eggs. Besides I told myself…over and over and over again…I dun want no pets.

Then, about a week ago, a really darling black kitty showed up in my yard. Obviously very young. Has the most beautiful green eyes you ever saw…and very friendly. And hungry.

Well, Mr. Cat was in luck. I had a leftover hotdog…which I fed him. He loved it! I was quite certain I had a new friend for life!

But Mr. Cat was quite fickle…he left the yard and did not return for a week!

Until yesterday. Mr. Cat was very hungry…he’d lost even more weight since the last time he visited…and my heart went out to him. All was forgiven for his eating and running behavior.

Sadly for Mr. Cat, however, there were no more leftover hotdogs. Or Thanksgiving leftovers. Or anything a feline would enjoy…except…yes… A Scrambled Egg!

Which I lovingly prepared. And placed on a plate. And brought outside.

“Here, Kitty, Kitty,” I cooed softly.

Mr. Cat spied me and came running. “More frank! More frank! More frank!” he thinks.

I set the plate down. He sniffed. He looked up at me. He sniffed again…and walked away! He didn’t even take one bite!!!!!

Hmmm….now I’ve heard that when one gets hungry enough, they’ll eat anything…even liver (and trust me…I’d have to be pretty damn hungry to scarf down some liver….) So, I am guessin’ that Mr. Cat is not that hungry…he is conning me… No more frankfurters for him!

Or eggs! (Like any of the feline population in my neighborhood is cryin’ over that declaration!)


Ooooooooooh, picky little monsters, aren't they? Methinks Brooke might want to consider buying a bag of cat food. Just in case you have any more unexpected visitors, you understand...

Trust me...Brooke has actually thought of that. But the problem is, I am actually really allergic to cats! And, during bad weather, there is really no place in the yard they could hang out and be dry and protected...

I am thinkin' that I am keeping all my food for

Well, considering the allergy angle, which I can totally sympathize with, I guess it is best that you keep all your food for you! At least you'll appreciate the eggs!

I have no doubt you can whip up a mean batch of scrambled eggs. Those fickle felines just didn't know a good thing when it was offered to them!

My poms will die (or kill) for scrambled eggs, my cat won't even come close to a dish with them in it. Maybe cats think eggs are poison.

Cats are pretty wouldn't want to give those little guys the runs while they are in your yard would ya? Thats what eggs will do to them dear, and usually an animal stays away from things like that.

Kinda like in Alaska a cat will kill a shrew (small mouse type thing) but will not eat it. Shrews are toxic, and cats are obviously aware of it!

I am sure your eggs are spectacular, and kitty is missing out...on everything but the runs!

Oh, okay... Mr. Cat is forgiven...again. But...that doesn't mean I am gonna be runnin' out and buyin' a box of cat food either...well...not today anyways!

Lol there is always tomorrow...which would be today, unless it is tomorrow already and then you are behind...

I'm hungry and you can feed ME scrambled eggs Brooke! :)