Sunday, November 13, 2005

I am a bad, bad Blogger…

Yes, it’s true…I am a bad Blogger. To have a good blog, one must post at least once a week…preferably every few days… even better every single day.

Hmmm…my last blog entry was in August…true…the end of August, but a whole weather season ago. I have failed the Blog Frequency Test miserably. Dismally, even.

And yet, the other day, I was thrilled to see that someone actually commented on my site. And they claimed they liked it! Woo Hoo! I thought to myself. I should really make more time in my already crazy schedule to post on a more regular basis…maybe even just once a month!

The commenter left behind “his” blog site. Well, I should certainly return the courtesy and check it out, make a comment even. (Hey, I have been raised with manners! I didn’t grow up in no barn or fall off no turnip truck…not recently anyways…). I clicked on the link, wondering what I would find.

Nothing. The link led to nothing.

I’d been spammed! GRRRRR!!!!! And...not just once, but the next day…another entry showed up with a different name, but essentially the same complimentary message. Loved your blog…You write great…yada, yada, yada. Well, in the trashcan both you clods went. Deleted with no trace that you ever slimed up my personal space.

And…now…as I am sure you noticed…I have to have a spam detractor up.

I could probably spend another few paragraphs on the topic of spam…talk about people who obviously have nothing better to do with their time or creativity except to makes pains AND asses of themselves… But why bother…

I personally have better things to do with my time…like thinking up some entertaining blog subjects so that it won’t be another two months…okay, two and a half months…before I post again.


Don't ya hate the spam comments? I had attempted to send my bill for advertising, but have yet to hear back from either company regarding the charges...hhmmm

There is another blogger that makes the word verification fun, whenever you make a comment she wants you to make a sentence at the end of the blog that uses each letter as the words of the sentence...if that makes sense!

Ha...I know who Charity's talking about :)

And, yes...these word verification thingies are such a nuisance...commenting on my blog went way down after I put it on...but you just have to unless you wanna get a bunch of b.s. on it

Example: lfcfcees
Love finds careless faces can escalate easy sacrifices--okay, so it makes no sense...give me a's bedtime.

I know...I hate the idea of having to "need" the word verification. Once again, it is a few jerks ruining a good thing for the rest of us.

I may even drop it after a bit...I am thinking that because I let the blog sit idle for so long, it may have become a target for "junk"...

And it is not really that difficult to remove the unwanted messages...just another task that eats up time...

Ah, spam! I hear Monty Python in the background...

I hate spam, and I can understand why you've put up the verification thingy. Every time I see people spamming, wherever it may be, I have to think how nice it must be to have that much free time. Although I think I could find far more interesting things to do with said spare time than spam.

As for being a bad blogger, you're not QUITE as bad as I am. So you can rest easy that there's at least one blogger who posts less than you do! ;) Mind you, now that I've got the new camera, I'll post more - at least for the moment!

Well mine blog is there with nothing on it. LOL so you are doing way better than me.. Haha
Hmmmm two and a half months and you were poking fun at me...