Sunday, April 30, 2006

Do I bother checking?...

Twice in two days--that's the question I got about my blog. "Well, you never write anything anymore," it was bluntly pointed out when I began to sputter very reasonable excuses. "It's been months since a new post went up," the pointing-out continued. "You know, you are supposed to update those things at least twice a week...even once a week would be an improvement in your case," the barrage kept coming.'s the deal. It's kinda's gonna sound like pathetic whining. Oh, fine! My last entry was so stinkin' upbeat, and blogs are fundamentally about complaining (albeit humorously...), and so, I couldn't come up with anything that sounded cheery and cool. Oh sure, I could have gone on and on about the things I like...but then you would've gotten all bored, and told me to "Stop already!".

Besides, I've been busy. January was work, work, work. February was...uh... work, work, work. March was...hmmm... work, work, work and getting ready for the big cruise! April was Travel-Month! First on the cruise, then to two conferences, back-to-back. And I even found time to be sick, file my taxes, house-hunt (to no avail as yet) and celebrate Easter! Just call me Wonder Woman! because I also judged four writing contests, entered a writing contest, and am now scrambling to finish a manuscript (and submit it) by a self-imposed deadline of two weeks.

So, yeah... in answer to the question: "Do I bother checking your blog? Are ya ever gonna update it?"... the short answer is "Yes! Please do!" because I am gonna surprise ya now and again and have a new entry up there! Just you watch!


hee hee.. I bothered to check your blog! I hope all calms down for you soon.

Snicker! I checked, and found entries! Okay, so you told me you had entries going up...but that's besides the point.

Don't worry, though. You aren't the only one who updates sporadically. You know how seldom I get to mine, and I've seen others just as bad. Although I actually just updated mine today - see, you've inspired me!