Sunday, May 07, 2006

What a difference a month makes...

April was travel month. I was only home ten days the entire month. And for all of those days, I was sick. But that is not really what I wanted to "talk" about here. (I was just shamelessly hunting for some sympathy...)

When I left on my first trip, it was still Standard Time. Light about 5:15AM, dark by 6:00PM. Five minutes before my departure time, I raced around the house and changed about 95% of my clocks since the time was due to change while I was away. So even though I was well aware the time had changed, when I got home, it felt very strange having it dark in the morning and light at night. But, it's certainly a change I like.

Then in the middle of the month, I left for another ten-day trek. Nothing was in bloom yet, the hills were kinda turning brown. While I was away, we apparently had some rain. And WOW! Spring sprung!!!

The hills are green again. The wildflowers along the freeway are in full bloom. Trees have new, green, shiny leaves! Front yards are ablaze with groundcovers that almost glow fluorescent in their pinks, reds, and purples. Even in my backyard, all seventeen of my rosebushes are blooming.

Everywhere you look, there is new life. That is one of the reasons I so love Spring. It is a new beginning, a fresh start. The trick is to remember to take a minute or two and enjoy the show! Because like everything else in life, it's short, it's precious, and it doesn't last nearly long enough.


Wow, two blogs almost in the same week. Sounds like you are having fun between the bouts.

LOL!!!! Well, I am trying something new...instead of thinking I have to keep updating it all the time on a regular-every-few-days-basis, I am gonna try doing it once a week.

We'll see how that goes!!!

Good job on the entries. Do we get to keep track and remind you if you fall behind on your once-per-week schedule? *evil grin*

Spring is lovely, isn't it? It amazes me how quickly everything bursts forth in bloom. Ah, lovely!

Now you set a goal for yourself.. haha. We have had so much rain here that the kids baseball games have been postponed for two weeks. Tonights game was rained out too. My middle one is having fits he can't get rid of his energy any other way except torturing me. But the grass is growing and the flowers are blooming so I guess it is a good thing