Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy New Year!...

Yeah...yeah...yeah... I know! Year 2007 is already 1/24 over with...and I am finally posting my New Year's Blog. are probably wonder what my NY resolutions are... Right? Well, tough! I ain't telling ya! Suffice it to say, that I don't "do" resolutions, per se. Instead I set goals in each of four categories: Personal, Financial, Career, and Travel.

So...since I'm not tellin' ya my NY Goals, I'll keep in tune with last year's New Year's Blog, and mention stuff I love. Ready? Here goes:

1. I love clouds. Almost any kind of clouds. Fluffy, white ones. Interesting gray ones. Speeding-through-the-air ones. Billowing ones. Clouds are just a really cool thing.

2. I love my dad's little dog. She is this adorable bundle of black fur with tips of white on her front feet and tummy. She'll hear me drive up and meet me at the door...all wiggly and excited. After saying a quick 'Hello", she races off to find the toy of choice for me to play fetch with her. She loves playing fetch!!!!! But, she'll pause to let me pick her up and cuddle her. There is nothing like a dog's devoted, genuine love.

3. I love music. First thing when I arrive home, is to turn on my stereo. I love all kinds of music. There is something about the passion that pulls me, moves me. Whether it's a slow song, a chill piece, or a fast tune, music is something that is just a part of my world.

4. I love running water. Well, as long as it's not the toilet leaking or something. But give me the ocean, a racing stream, a waterfall, a fountain. There is something so primitive, free and wild about natural water flows.

5. I love birds and butterflies. They seem as though they are just flittin' through life, not a care in the world. In reality, they both have pretty tough lives, but they do seem so cheerful.

6. I love snuggling under the covers, reading, and snoozing. There is something very decadent about that.

7. I love the sense of touch... being able to "feel" things. The softness of snow. The silkiness of materials. The hardness of wood. The velvety smoothness of a rose petal. Touch seems to be one of the more overlooked senses, and yet it's so important to the other ones.

8. I love watching kids play. Everything in a child's world is so exciting, so new. They know how to have fun. They know how to appreciate the little things in life.

9. I love the "high" feeling of getting something accomplished that's been a nagging task for far too long. With the completion brings such a sense of elation, a sense of relief.

10. I love anything new. There is so much hope and innocence. With age comes wisdom. The trick is to not lose that sheer joy of the new not let cynicism take over.

And, I love everything I loved last year just as much, but even more I love how my family and friends, who are all so special and wonderful, make me feel special and wonderful…even when I am not so special and wonderful.


Brooke, what a wonderful start for the year! I love the way you start the New Year off in your blog, and I love you - you're an awesome friend, and I'm very happy and thankful to have you in my life.

Ditto, FMD! Ditto!!!!
Happy and Prosperous New Year to you!