Sunday, February 04, 2007

Congratulations, Randy Jeanne!!!...

Yep...Congratulations, accolades, and certainly the writer's traditional favorite, chocolate are in order for my friend...newly published author, Randy Jeanne! Woo Hoo!!!

Her debut novel, STEALING AMY, hit the web-waves on February 1. And I am so excited for her!

I've had the distinct pleasure of reading it along its path to publication. While she says I'm a bit biased (which we all know I'm NOT!), it's an adorable story. It's one of those books that when you put it down, you'll walk away with a really happy feeling. Kinda like waking up in the morning after having a really nice dream, and that really nice dream follows you though all day long. That's what STEALING AMY does.

And I love books that do that for me. That's what reading is all about! An escape from reality.

Since I'm a victim of identify theft, that this book could succeed in making me feel good is really quite a tribute to Randy's storytelling. And to her perseverance as well. More than just me told her that ID theft might not be a good premise for a book, and yet, it totally works.

Wanna know more about it? (Eh, eh, eh...this is why they call it a tease, huh!) Check out these two links:

and this one:

And once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Randy! This is just the first of many!!!


Congratulations, Randy! It sounds like a great story, and if it comes recommended by Brooke, then I know it just has to be good!

Isn't it nice to have someone like Brooke in your corner?? Muchas gracias, mi amigo...or is it mi amiga?? Damn, you'd think I'd know my Spanish by now since Stealing Amy takes place in Mexico....

OK, Brooke Writes Books, is this inspiration to get you to Brooke Publishes books?

LOL...well..Brooke is working towards paragraph at a time...though it feels closer to one word at a time... But, let us not forget the trudging tortoise... okay?


I'm 58 years old. I want to live long enough to read one of your books. The actuary who computes retirement for the state has indicated I should live at least another 21 years, baring accidents and other surprises. That makes it 2028. Enough time?

Still waiting. I visit your site more than you do.