Sunday, June 17, 2007

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation...

Well, kinda but not exactly...

True, I have nine wonderful, glorious, free days ahead of me. But I'm not going anywhere. With luck, I'll barely even leave the abode except to pick up viddles... and cleaning supplies.

Yep. I am gonna stay around town and reclaim my home.

Dust Bunnies! You are on notice. Cobwebs and Eight-Legged Friends! Here's your notice as well. Run! Run while you can... cuz soon you are gonna be chased by the Big Red Suckin' Machine... if I can find it amid the clutter...


Ha.. I hear you... With all the kids activities and work I walk in my house and cringe. I have to take a good week to scrub each room out. Happy Cleaning

Another blog and it's only a week old. Guess I'll have to start checking more often.

PS: I'm other than good looking and everyone can see my pic. Too old to care anymore.