Monday, April 04, 2005

Spring has sprung...

Spring has sprung…

… and I love it!

Along with autumn, this is my favorite time of year. It is so fresh, so new, so pretty. There is so much promise in the air.

I love how the days are warm, but there is still a cool breeze. You can be outside and still wear a sweater or a long sleeve shirt and feel just right.

I love all the colors! The new, bright green leaves on all the trees. The first flowers of the season…especially the Iceland Poppies we have here. I remember when living in Ireland, the first flower to pop up were the yellow Daffodils. There were everywhere! Vibrant, happy yellow blossoms lined all the streets and were in all the gardens. Then came the tulips! In every color imaginable and again they were everywhere. I tried growing tulips when I came home…and after three years of trying finally did get about four to come up and bloom. There were beautiful…and brought back such wonderful memories.

I love all the birds and their raucous chatter in the morning just before the sun comes up. During the day, they are frantically at work, preparing their nests, watching their eggs, and then the real work begins when the babies are born. This is the second year the mud swallows that built the next at the peak of my roof…yes…right above my bedroom screen door…that is a bit of a pain… are back. I allow them to stay because they eat bugs as opposed to my strawberries which are growing in containers right outside the said bedroom window. Mr. and Mrs. Mud Swallow are very good parents and so much fun to watch.

And I love the longer days…the longer days that give the illusion anyway of having a bit more time. Time to maybe get a few more things done… time to turn over a new leaf and begin again.

Yes, I love spring.


I absolutly love the blooming flowers. The college has sooooo many tulips in bloom it is amazing, walking by you can smell them!! I have some climbing roses that are ready for planting, and can't wait to plant the rest of my garden. It has been too rainy to put them all out yet!

The pollen here is horrible though. My red car is now orange, and our white truck is a cheery yellow pollen color! LOL


Yay! Brooke is back!

Ah yes, the joys of spring! Now if only it didn't have to bring those darned insects with it - we have quite a few of the creepy crawly little darlings wandering about already - and you know how well I get along with the creepy crawly critters!