Thursday, April 07, 2005

Who is one to believe?

I mean, don’t the predictions for the weather all come from the same place: the National Weather Service? I truly do not believe, nor will I be conned into thinking, that just because most TV weathermen (okay… weather-people!) are meteorologists that they really get out the maps and read the computer radars and come up with a forecast on their own.

But yet…one must begin to wonder. Otherwise, what could be the possible reason that three different stations and four different other sources have all come up with five different forecasts for today’s and tomorrow’s weather? One says sunny and cool. Another says sunny and warm…okay that could be relative, I suppose…but when they actually put temperatures to it, I have to say, and I believe most will agree me on this one, that there is a pretty substantial difference between 65 and 80 degrees. Most of us will notice that spread of warmth/coolth variation…

Another station says windy and sunny…I am not sure about that one…right now there is not a leaf stirring…but the wind here is very fickle. It could whip up any instant now…

One of the radio stations says cloudy all day (with the “all day” dragged out in a sing-song fasion)…they are wrong…there is not a cloud in sight! I think I can write them off write now.

But the fifth…they are making me most nervous. They are predicting sun today and rain tomorrow. Okay…I look at the radar…and see not a storm in sight…and 99% of the time the only rain we get here (because of the mix of ocean, desert and mountains…) we just don’t get rain without a storm. Sometimes we get heavy drizzle…but folks…that ain’t rain.

However…I am the one with the leak in the roof that pours down over the stove… So, tonight before I trudge off to bed, I shall haul out the towels and buckets and truss up the stove… just in case….

And today…I shall call the wayward roofer and see where I am on the amazingly long list…the list that is even longer than my To-Do one… another thing I find difficult to believe…


This is a test...blogger doesn't seem to like me anymore. It's like you sent your raincloud up here to hover over my computer. :(

I NEVER believe the weatherpeople anymore. The same thing happens here Brooke - 5 different stations will have 5 different forecasts, each one disregarding the others with wild, gleeful abandon. I simply stick my head out the door to see what Mother Nature's up to and go from there.

I sincerely hope that the weatherperson (and I do agree - I don't believe they actually do their own forecasts either) that forecast rain for you is dead wrong. That is not needed with the state your roof is in!

As for the roofers - I cannot believe that after all this time you are STILL on a long waiting list. Something is definitely amiss in Roofing Land. Has no one even shown up yet to give you an estimate and tell you what's wrong, at least?

Anyhow, good luck, and I'll pray for no rain and for someone to light a fire under the roofers' butts!

Oh yeah...I finally got the estimate...SIX weeks ago! Was told they'd be able to do the work in three-twelve weeks... And made me sign a contract and send a deposit...which of course I did... in a timely fashion even... I have even stopped cringing quite so much at the estimate!

And I am with you...I live in a fairly small town that actually has a surprisingly large number of roofers...even if EVERYONE had to have their roof fixed, you'd think by now...I'd be having my fixed...even if I were the LAST person on the list!

So far, so rain....keep those fingers crossed!

Hey!!!!! I didn't send no rainclouds your way!!! I sent them to John!!!!! (insert wicked grin here!)

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Brooke. And yeah, in this amount of time I REALLY find it hard to believe they haven't been able to fix the roof yet. This is beyond ridiculous, in my opinion. Have you called back and yelled at them again?