Friday, April 15, 2005

Tax Day is HERE!

Are you ready for it? Are you all done? Got those carefully prepared envelopes in the mail? Remember to sign your returns in all the proper places? Did your hand tremble a bit when you were doing it?

Well, mine are done and out as of yesterday! Woo Hoo! No more thinking about it for another year…well, except for the fact that my printer had the audacity to run out of ink in the middle of printing my copies! So, technically I am not done. I still have to finish printing out the last three pages, shuffle all those pages and assorted data together into a neat bundle…and then I am done! With any luck…I’ll be able to cross that off the list by August 31! (yes…still 2005!…geez…give me a break here!)

I didn’t used to drag it out like this. I used be one of those creepy. geeky people that had their taxes in the mail by February 10th…eeekk….the 15th at the latest. Then about ten years ago, I was all involved working…and didn’t get the project done until March 1st (ironically I was working as a tax preparer…now there’s a thankless position! I could write a whole blog entry on that one!). Then the whole pattern changed about seven years ago when I was working in Ireland and didn’t return home until April 15th. I suddenly discovered the “thrill” of waiting until the last minute to do taxes.

And so now…I do drag it out a bit… But…mine were done before the deadline! Are yours?? (Ah…the joy of the taunt is so much fun!)


I spent my refund on Feburary 11th. Actually, I didn't spent all of it as I keep most of it for the property taxes.

However, now I have nothing to look forward to.

Well, mine is probably going towards home repairs...ho hum...

Refunds? What are refunds? Just kidding. I managed to eke out one from the state. Each year I do that, I'm convinced I did something wrong. Today I sorta picked the middle average of the results I was coming up with. You know, not too much, not too little. It all depended on one figure I wasn't sure of. The feds, I actually gave a couple bucks to...maybe enough to nab an illegal alien or something.