Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Turning Leaf...

Today is the first day of Autumn 2006! Hi Autumn!!!! Hope you enjoy your stay!!

I actually felt Ms. Autumn sneaking in about a week early. (Eh, eh, eh...your secret is safe with me!) When she arrives ( maybe not so safe...), the air just feels different--a bit of cool-crispness underneath the heat. The sunshine is just a bit less bright. Certainly the days are getting shorter...dark in the morning until after 6AM, dark in the evening now by 7PM.

I love autumn. It's like a fun, last fling before winter sets in. I feel invigorated because of it.

Of course, where I live we don't see the vivid colors of fall that a lot of the country is showered in. It is much more subtle. The liquid amber trees begin turning yellow and then a beautiful deep red that lasts until late January if the winter storms are light. Orange, rust and yellow chrysanthemums and other fall flowers pop up in yards and shopping center planters. Soon the perky, pansies that just make you wanna smile cuz they are so happy will begin showing up.

The days here are still warm but the nights are cool. Cool enough you have to close your windows at night, and even think about putting on an extra blanket. But the mornings are glorious, clear, dewy, and the promise of a perfect day ahead.

Ah, yes. This is definitely my favorite season. So, Welcome, Ms. Autumn! I hope you stick around for quite a while this year because I am going to do my best to enjoy each and every day of your visit!


Brooke, I agree with you completely about autumn being a wonderful time. We had an absolutely beautiful day today, sunny, cool and fresh. Love it!

Yes, this is Gloria T. lol

Gloria!!!! Hi, Gloria!!!!!!!!!

Brooke, I agree wholeheartedly - autumn is a wonderful season! It's my favourite too, and I am loving the autumn we are having in my neck of the woods right now. I would be in heaven if we could have about 6 months of autumn, and the other 6 months of mid-spring. I guess that's asking too much, huh? Sigh...

Yeah...I'm thinkin' it probably is... though I am willing to be in some part of the world, that's exactly how the weather is... Hmmm... do I feel a new project in the works here...find out where the "perfect" spot is and if there might be a feasibility of moving there??? Yeah...I'll put it on the list of the other 1800 things I have to do...