Saturday, September 30, 2006

Now It All Makes Sense!!...

One of the big reasons I love staying in hotels is how well I sleep! No worries about someone jumping the fence into my backyard (okay, hasn't happened yet, but I have found beer bottles tossed in, eggs hurled in, trash flipped in...and it did happen to a near-neighbor of mine...). No concerns about the place burning down (I know for a fact that hotel fire alarms screech loudly enough to arouse a deaf person...those Oracle software boys may know how to write groovy programs, but they can't operate a microwave to save their souls--witness burning, flaming popcorn...yes...flaming... that caused their smoke detector to go off and send them outta their unit next to mine to retrieve the fire extinguisher...). No worries about oversleeping cuz...well, I'm on vacation!!!

I was particularly looking forward to my stay at the Atlanta Marriott a couple months back because I hadn't been sleeping well due to the thousand degree temps (okay...116F which is damned hot even by desert-standards...) and other assorted reasons. And to add to my excitement, I was staying on the Concierge Level which meant a bigger room, a better bed, a quieter floor. And, I got all those things.

Yet, I slept no better than at home. Maybe slept even worse!

The first night, I figured I was just overly tired and excited about being in Atlanta. The second night, I decided I was still overly tired and excited about being in Atlanta. The third night, I chalked it up to the vitamins I was taking that were new...except I'd been taking them for almost a month. The fourth night, I concluded it must be the abundance of sirens. But deep down, I was mystified...and bummed. I had sooooo been looking forward to some quality rest. Were my days of sleeping well in hotels over? Alas, a dismal thought at best.

But hope for future deep slumbering in beds away from home reigns supreme! A new study came out of the best and worst cities for sleeping. And guess what city topped the list? Atlanta! Atlanta, Georgia! The Peachtree Capital is the lousiest place for sleeping!

Woo Hoo! Life is good again as I can anticipate my wonderful night's sleep next month in Seattle... on a Heavenly Bed, even! And no! Don't even bring up Sleepless in Seattle...hear me!


I saw that article. But it didn't say why Atlanta was last. I lived in Seattle for a couple of years and never was sleepless. That was even back in the days when it rained here.

John! John's back! Hi John!!!!!!!

And I know!!! I even tried to find a bit more about it, but couldn't. It was rather frustrating that they didn't mention the reasons.

Um...they say alcohol has an effect on sleep patterns. 'Course, I'm sure that wasn't the case here.

Interesting, and too bad they didn't give reasons. Do you recall where Seattle fell on that list? Hopefully it was one of the best.

And just so you know, I would never have dreamed about bringing up Sleepless in Seattle...

(wandering off, whistling innocently)

Randy: You think cuz they have all those bars and stuff in Atlanta...that's why people can't sleep, I ask...all innocence in my voice. I am SURE it had nothing to do with the vt's and cosmos and that really pretty blue drink!

I don't recall Seattle being mentioned. But what DID surprise me were the top cities FOR sleeping. Number One on the list were Anaheim/Los Angeles!!!! It even surprised the reviewers...

That's interesting, and it surprised me when I first read your comment. But then I thought back to the two times I've been in Anaheim - I slept really well there. So perhaps there's something to that after all!