Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More on Sleeping...

It's apparently an annual rank the best and worst cities for sleeping.

For Year 2006, the "winners' of the worst were...drum roll, please:

Number Five: St. Louis!
Number Four: New York!
Number Three: Houston! (one more reason to not attend the RT Convention in April...)
Number Two: Nashville!
and we already know who took top honors (if you read my last blog entry, that is!!!)
Number One: Atlanta!

What's more interesting, however, are the best places for sleep. Topping the list is: get ready...your eyes are probably gonna fall out...:

Number One: Anaheim! Anaheim, California!!!
Number Two: Los Angeles. Los Angeles???? Yep...Los Angeles...
Number Three: Raleigh-Durham
Number Four: Minneapolis
Number Five: Chicago maybe Anaheim wins this year cuz it's the home of the "happiest place on Earth"...that would be Disneyland just in case you are still in a state of stupor over the fact that LA came in a close second...

And last time around it was second...Minneapolis was first, followed by San Diego in third. This time around, San Diego didn't even make the list!

So...I am thinkin' that my sudden lack of being able to sleep has nothing to do with the fear of beer bottles, eggs, firecrackers, etc. hurtling themselves into my backyard while I slumber, but rather whatever unknown reasons that no one seems to want to divulge on these surveys at work that has tumbled San Diego out of the top five of best places to sleep. I am just confirming the truth of the survey.

It a hard job..but somebody has to do it... And no...Seattle is not on any of the lists...


Nope - my eyes didn't fall out. They're still firmly in their sockets.

I would have found that information surprising, but as I mentioned in your last entry I actually slept well the two times I was in Anaheim. The atmosphere was nice there, and the people were very relaxed and friendly. I think that had a lot to do with it for me.

Let's hope Seattle proves to be a good place for you to sleep!

Wow, I live in one of the best cities for sleeping. Interesting! I had no clue.