Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tis the Season...

And sadly (or maybe not so sadly...), I don't mean the Holiday Season. Instead, I'm talking about Santa Ana Wind Season...which is now pretty much synonymous with fires.

Already an arsonist was at work early this morning setting a fire that's burned thousands of acres and killed four firefighters with a fifth fighting for his life. The scary part is that this particular fire was not only intentionally set, it was started right as the winds picked up. The timing was carefully mapped out for maximum destruction.

I cannot understand, no matter how I try, the appeal of this crime. To watch beautiful land destroyed and ravaged, wildlife killed for no's beyond my comprehension. I am perfectly aware that lightning storms can and do cause the same devastation, even to the point of taking human lives, but at least that's Mother Nature wreaking the havoc. I am also perfectly aware that with the destruction by fire comes the rejuvenation of the land. But again, that's Mother Nature at work.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the firefighters who were lost today. As anyone who knows me, one of my biggest fears are the wildfires (a fire in Antarctica is too close to me in my opinion...yeah, yeah, would also think I'd move, huh...go figure that one!). For me, the freedom of the Santa Ana Winds blowing through the valleys, cleansing the air, means tension and worry. And now sorrow.

One can only hope that the person or persons who set this morning's fire suddenly gains a conscience and realizes what horror they've caused. But somehow, I rather doubt it... nobody with a heart would or could intentionally set out to destroy so much--much less take joy in it.


I was quite saddened to read about this fire the other day, and my thoughts and prayers go out to those who've lost their lives in this fire.

I really hope they catch whoever did this, although I suppose the likelihood of that is slim.

Actually, the good news is they have a couple of strong leads and suspects that they've started questioning, and removing stuff from their home... With any luck, they WILL make an arrest on this one!

It's still not contained, but should be in the next fews days...

And the Santa Ana seige is over...for the moment...

Long live snow, FMD!!!!

Although, naturally, I too am horrified and heartsick about the death of the firefighters (now 5) and the devastation caused by the fire, I understand a little of the fascination. Once, after the major part of a firestorm had passed, I watched the residual fire slowly eat up a was eerily spellbinding. I'm also reminded of a line from the book, "You Can't Go Home Again" spoken by a bored debutante leaving a typical Manhattan party after a fire had broken out in the apartment: "If only there could always be a fire."

Oddly, it resonated with me.

my sympathies go out to all. this is so unreal. phyllis