Friday, February 11, 2005

I am a Blogger!… Imagine that!

… and probably one of the world’s biggest copy cats. Yeah, I admit it. As soon as my friend and writing partner, Randy, told me she had started a Blog, I promptly whined: “I want a Blog, too!”

“Go get one,” she replied and instantly sent the link. Took me four more days to get up the nerve to go and peek around the site…and voila! Here I am!

Now, I am sitting here, composing my very first Blog post…and I am suddenly speechless. Can’t think of an intelligent word to write. Oh, sure! Tons of dumb things are flitting through my mind…but the first post should sound sensible.

So…probably the best thing to do is to sign off now while I am ahead. I think I am going to like this new venture…I think I am going to like it a lot!


Hey, I like your template better! And, here I thought they all contained the same stuff. Boo hoo.

Brooooke!!! Welcome to Blog World! Cool template, by the way... (wink) Anyhow, have fun with your blog - once I get working on mine again I'll put a link to yours on it!

Hi, Brooke.

Yeah, Randy got me hooked. You can link these things? Scary.