Sunday, February 13, 2005

Man! How Time Flies…

Such an old cliché, but it’s so true! And I am always stunned by that fact. I suppose it is naïve on my part…that I keep thinking I have plenty of time to do everything I want to do. Maybe that is why I am such a good procrastinator.

Perhaps it is an equal part of arrogance on my part. Thinking that once I get going, I won’t have to pay my dues and all that jazz. But more likely, I think it might also be a bit of fear. What if I fail?

And would that be such a huge big deal? Would the world suddenly come to an end? Would a lightning bolt suddenly drop out of the Southern California sky and strike me? Would I wind up being shunned by one and all forever? Not likely.

I know I am a very competitive person…I must always do the best at anything I try…or I won’t do it. I am not quite sure where this streak came from, but I do know that while a good dose of healthy competition is good, too much is crippling. It makes one not go forth with things that could bring them joy.

Pretty simple, isn’t it. Nothing bad will happen from trying and failing…at least with the things I want to try…we are not talking skydiving here where the parachute might not open… But a lot of good could (and most likely would, even!) occur from lowering the bar a bit and just jumping in.

So, with all that said, I am going to get started on something that will move my goal of publication a bit closer to reality…after I go to the store…and take a snooze…but definitely today…for sure…maybe…


Does this mean you are going to give me a finished product to read? Maybe, hopeahopeahope?

Hey! Stranger things have happened!

A traditional Norfolk koan may assist.


A young woman sits by a swimming pool painting her toenails.
It is midnight.
She wonders whether it is possible to foretell the future using an avocado pear.
Her husband brings her an avocado pear.
This is strange.
The young woman has no husband.

More may be encountered: