Monday, February 21, 2005

When It Rains…It Pours…

…and pours. And pours. And then pours some more. And we Southern Californians can’t take it. We are weather-wimps at the best of times. The temperature drops below 60 degrees, and we are shivering and shaking as if it were 60 below.

It rains a few drops and we are screaming: Flood! Flood! Run, run! A couple of bolts of lightning followed by a few crashes of thunders equates to a full-blow severe thunderstorm.

But I think the rest of the country that knows what weather is will agree that six inches of rain in a couple of days is a true weather story. Especially when it is the fourth weekend out of five that we’ve had six inches in a couple of days. And it rained during the week, I might add.

I’ve never really cared for rain…one of the big reasons I live in this area. Enough I say! Please stop! Go home! Let Mr. Sun come out!

Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day! Like next year!


I love your logo and will speak about in my blog (writen from near Paris, France) and I ressented the same "ivresse" euphoria ? after opening my first blog, a few weeks ago. (I have also an english one, forgot the title, sorry)

go on !

I'll trade you Brooke - you can have all our snow and I'll take your rain! *wink*

I agree though, that's quite a bit of rain you've had - I hope your roof has held out and you haven't been flooded indoors as well!

Hi Julie!

Thank you for your kind comments! I checked out your blog, and you make me wish I knew more French (I can pick out a few words here and there...) and shall add your blog to my ist. Looking forward to reading your previous posts when I get home from the office tonight--


Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know...snow on the roof is just as bad as rain....and all that snow turns into water.... Ho hum....

No, the waterfall in the kitchen is still a reality...I am mailing off the deposit to the new roofer this morning and hopefully should see some action in about three weeks...uh, yeah...the second deposit going off to him! LOL!

You certainly wouldn't like Georgia, we get a lot of rain!! Last night it was raining so hard I almost had to pull over and call my husband because I couldn't see anything except when the lightning flashed blinding me. It was horrible. Today it is as if the rain never happened and is so hot I am wearing shorts and turning the ac on!! Right now it is 76* but it feels much hotter!!

Hey, Brooke...I went to Julie's blog and could pretty much make out the French...but it's also in English. More fun to try to read in French, though.

Hi Charity,

Well, in areas that are supposed to get rain...that is cool! I used to LOVE the rain! But, So.Cal. is considered is not supposed to rain in the desert! No how, now way!

And I know exactly what you mean about the rain coming down so hard you can't see past the windshield...that is VERY scary! And it makes ya feel so helpless! Especially when the clowns around ya are still driving like little bats outta hell!

I know! Julie's blog is really neat...and very interesting!

LOL Brooke! Snow on the roof does turn into water, but in the process it also turns into icicles - and trust me, they can do some major damage! We have to make sure that we keep breaking the icicles off - if we didn't, one of the poor dogs would end up getting impaled by one, I'm sure!

I love the rain - I couldn't stand living somewhere that didn't get a fair amount of rain. But I certainly feel for you - considering that you live where you do so that you don't have to deal with too much rain!