Saturday, February 12, 2005

Ramifications of Being a Blogger…

So, yesterday I created my Blog…woo hoo! Wandered around the house all afternoon in giddy-fashion…I own a Blog…I own a Blog!

And then…being the responsible sort of person I am, I decided perhaps I ought to learn a bit more about this blogging craze… Oh sure, I knew generally about blogging. Knew what it was. Had even read a few. And to my credit, cuz I am usually about a quarter-step behind on all new technology…gotta make sure it is gonna work and stick around before I step into it…knew that I’d have a blog that would tie into my website…which I’ll do…someday…very soon…well, soon…okay…someday….

Found out that the “best” blogs (and I always wanna be best!) have a theme that draws readers back time and time again. The “best” blogs are updated regularly…like everyday! The “best” blogs have links and pictures and something called RSS feeds… “RSS feeds!” I cry. “What in the world does RSS stand for!?!” I am still trembling over the thought of having to think of good links and track down photos (hmmm…that might actually be a good thing cuz then I’d learn how to use the beautiful digital camera I own that has hundreds of great pictures inside just waiting the moment when they can launch themselves into my computer…). Not to mention a theme! Heck, this is the person who took well over an hour to pick out the template for her blog… we might be in big trouble here!

But trouble or not, lack of technical know-how or not, currently theme-less and adrift…this is my blog…and I am likin’ this whole thing! Ramifications and all!


Pictures? Woo-hoo! Get 'em on here, so we can see them! What are you waiting for? Seriously, I know you will have fun playing around with your blog - there are so many fun things you can do with them! I have yet to delve fully into the world of blogging, but I'm going to have fun with mine too - including learning how to make a blog skin all by my little self. One of these days, that is... heeheehee So I just know you will be having fun playing with all this stuff too, and I can't wait to see all the cool things you end up doing with your blog! Go you!

So, don't keep us in suspense. What the hell is that RSS thing? Do I even have the initials right?

So, if you have a pic of your self, post it.

Hehe...welcome to the world of blogging.