Monday, February 14, 2005

Whine…Whine…Wine, please…

Yep, I am gonna break down and grumble a bit. Maybe it will get all this discouragement and crabbiness outta my system. We can only hope.

I cannot believe it is now over five weeks since the Sunday House-Breakdown from Hell. The stove knob is still broken, the roof is still leaking, and the drainage in the backyard is barely functional and definitely still in need of repair. And tomorrow they are predicting the rains to start again bringing about three inches in the next two days and continuing for the next ten days or so. Of course, if I have to buy a new stove because of the roof leak, I guess I really don’t need to worry about getting the knob fixed. I am figuring I’ll get all new knobs as part of the nice, new, shiny appliance…

I feel I have been more than patient. I know this is a horrendously busy time for roofers. I appreciate all that. But when they tell me they’ll be out to fix it on Wednesday, and no one shows up, and this happens four times, I start losing my patience. Particularly when there is no call alerting me to the fact that they can’t come.

Probably part of the reason this whole fiasco is getting to me so much is that I called right away…as soon as I discovered the waterfall in the kitchen. I did not wait until the following morning. Or the day after that, hoping that the leak would seal itself. I called right away…and was promised good service. And have received nothing.

I guess it makes me feel like a sap because I am so careful to honor promises I make, even if they inconvenience the heck out me later. And it seems, at times like this, that I am the only one.

Oh well, eventually this will all get sorted out. And it could be a whole lot worse. I do not have to worry about my home sliding down the hill and crashing into the neighbor’s pool. I fortunately have the funds at the moment to pay for the repairs (barring having to do a whole new roof! But let’s not even entertain such dastardly thoughts! EEEKKK!!!)

And most importantly, I have my health. So, I have everything.


And friends that love you!!! :)

(((hugs))) Brooke! I am quite incensed on your behalf that those bozos have not gotten their butts in gear and fixed your roof yet! I don't blame you one bit for whining! Um, I guess this isn't a good time to tell you my ceiling's finally fixed, huh...? (evil grin) But, but... it DID take a month to get done! (Does that redeem me now?) I hope your roof - and all the other stuff - is fixed soon - and busy or not, those turkeys should at least have had the courtesy to let you know that they were not showing up. More (((hugs))), and fingers crossed this will all get done soon!